About me

13063854_1174468235899270_1823171317_oMiss Bones – 20 years old, from Tasmania.

Welcome to my world of short stories and art!

My stories:

The bulk of my stories are addressed to the daily prompt. I get inspiration for these stories from my personal experiences; I often relate the word to events/emotions prevalent in my life at the moment.

The “Stories” section of my blog includes short stories I have written about the tumble and tangle of emotions that I am experiencing watching my dad suffer with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

The “My art” section of my blog includes images of artwork i have created + either a descriptions of the art/influence behind the art, or a short story matching the image. I do sell my artwork, so please enquire if you see something you like.

I aim to evoke and inspire, I hope you enjoy this little creative part of my life.



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