To find her lost love irksome

Subconsciously, she opened her mouth into a wide O-shape and raised her eyebrows so high that her forehead became tracked with deep lines
Picking up the wand from her Huon-pine dresser, she applied the sticky black mascara to her lashes
They were still long and curled, but much thinner than when she was young

She relaxed her face and nonchalantly brushed bright powdered rouge onto her dewy skin. She then lined her thinned dry lips with pink to match the shinny red apples of her cheeks

She turned her head slightly to the left and paused for one moment, lips pursed, searching for the remnants of youth to be found in her reflection

They were still there:
Deep blue irises that sparkled with a wicked, wild smile
Skin that shone deep from within, a subtle glow that oozed of ageless magnificence

With her head still turned, she detached her gaze from the mirror and glanced at her dear sleeping in his big blue armchair –
An endless sleep, always lost in the wanderings and voids of his own fragmented mind

A picture of an ageing, broken love

A devastated sigh forced its way from deep within her lungs, and in that moment she decided to find her lost love irksome, or else break down and cry




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