Infuriatingly slowly, the hands of the clock ticked by

Controlled by the dangerous workings of her intricate and over-analytical mind, her body began to react in ways that were both too familiar, yet completely unrecognisable to her.

Like coloured food dye spilt clumsily into a bath of water, a vicious red spread eagerly across her pale chest. It travelled unevenly up her neck and to her cheeks. Like poison ivy growing uncontrollably around her family home, within seconds her cheeks were unbearably hot, her chest felt terrifying heavy.

She was suffocating.

Her heart rate was rapid and irregular. It would beat at times with so much strength and urgency that it took her completely by surprise. It felt as if a petrified animal was trapped inside her chest, launching itself against the cavity in a desperate attempt to break out.

In these fleeting moments, she didn’t recognise her own body. It felt completely foreign and wild.

She stood outside and gulped in the fresh winter air. It was icy. The harsh contrast of temperature burnt as the air flooded into her shallow lungs. She placed her pale, frozen fingers upon her scorching cheeks in an attempt to cool them down.

Her mind was in total control and suddenly, she realised she was the animal – trapped and afraid, frantic to escape it’s strong, inescapable grip.

No amount of force would allow her to escape, however, and so all she could do was sit and watch time pass.

Infuriatingly slowly, the hands of the clock ticked by, and with each passing minute her mind loosened its enduring grasp. The red dye dissipated into the warm bath water and the ivy began to unravel itself from the building walls.




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  1. A great write Miss B. Good job.



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