Unforbidden Mind

She burned to be enigmatic and perplexing
To possess an aura of mystique

She remained an open book, however

Incapable of concealing her emotions, her pages were left vulnerable and exposed for everyone to read
No matter how intimate the content

Periods of happiness were deafening to her readers; laugher loud, uninhibited and completely unrestrained
Like diamonds angled directly towards the sun, her eyes would sparkle bright and blinding

In times of misery, however, she was powerless to the motions of her wild, uninhabited mind

Her sadness was like an irrepressible and incessant rain: it dampened her hair and all of her clothes, soaking right through to her white, lacy underwear

Even total strangers could see the tiny beads of hot water leak from her distant stare, leaving winding trails of black down her flushed cheeks

She burned to be inconspicuous, to keep the intimacies of her mind safe from the judgement of others

Incompetent of self control however, she left no place in her mind forbidden, and so like an open book, she allowed herself to be read over and over again.




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  1. Miss Bones, I enjoyed this, and thought the photo wasvery fine.

    Thanks for it.




  2. WOW–this is beyond description, so I’ll just go with “stellar”…and more WOW’s.

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  3. To be an open book to everyone would be terrible. Nice to read your poem.

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  4. Hi Miss Bones,
    Strong language! Congratulations on a masterful poem!
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