She must burn

The roads were bent and curved like a dormant serpent

Just as she had remembered them


Through unlikely gaps in the dense forest, the sun escaped, flooding parts of the dirt road

Specks of dust that had been thrown and tossed into the air from passing cars were revealed by the piercing streaks of lights, like millions of dancing fairies

Once they met the shade though, they simply vanished

Fleetingly disappearing into oblivion


The trees were all tall and spindly

However each unique in their form


They reminded her of ballet dancers; their elongated limbs paused motionless, bent and twisted in incomprehensible positions

With elegance and grace most compellingly maintained however


Flames had tarnished their bark and seared their leaves

But today, it became obvious to her that their beauty was only enhanced by such adversity


Each trunk was entirely black: A shade of darkness as terrifying as the night’s sky with no stars

The seared barks of the trees provided a blank canvas, however, for the sprouting leaves

They grew uncontrollably through the charcoal, vivid and brilliant


She had never seen such contrast before; of colour and darkness, of death and life

It reminded her that in order to grow, she mustn’t be afraid to firstly burn


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  1. WOW, impressive take on the prompt!!

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  2. Beautifully written, great take on the prompt!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the play of contrast in your poem, the juxtaposition of pain and growth and your vivid imagery. Love this line ‘in order to grow, she mustn’t be afraid to firstly burn’! :D


  4. Wow! Fantastic read! May I ask, what is your theme for the blog, it’s so clean and crisp.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jessica, thanks for the compliment! Well, without getting too personal, my dad has recently fallen ill and as a way to cope, I started to write. The prompts have been perfect in giving me inspiration and motivation to write every day. I am yet to target my writing to a certain audience, what do you suggest?


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