Not deprived, just senselessly indulged

She saw gluttony.

It was everywhere.

People, always consuming – mindlessly guzzling destructive substances and inhaling noxious smoke, senselessly stuffing grease laden food into their greedy mouths

She observed people becoming completely absorbed in the soporific and hypnotic blue light of ‘smart’ technology, a new form of consumption that was controlling and manipulating.

It possessed the intelligence and equal capacity to take away the pleasure of real and replace it with fake.

Smart, indeed.

Her eyes observed a human race that were overindulged in every way imaginable, although her ears observed a phenomenon entirely different.

The dreary, monotonous noise of moaning dominated surrounding conversation, reflecting a society that was becoming progressively mindless, materialistic and ungrateful. It existed always in the foreground, inhibiting the sounds of ‘pleases and thankyous’, of uncontainable laugher, of excitable chitchat and of solemn, heartfelt crying.

What she saw and what she heard was perplexingly inconsistent. In no way did the image match the sound.

These people were senselessly overindulged.

But their consumption led to their deprivation in the most obvious, ironic and unfortunate way.





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  1. It took me a few readings to fathom. Nice one.

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