A voyage over expectations

She ignored all of her instincts and left.

With the tenuous promise of opportunity, inspiration and change, accompanied by the assurance of personal growth, she sailed across an ocean and established herself in an unfamiliar city.

An abundance of grey was all that this city had to offer her though.

Amidst the sea of grey, instantaneous glimmers of colour would flash across her eyes. Numbed by incessant days of monotony and gloom, she would clutch onto these moments with sheer desperation.

To her, these instants epitomised the prospect of a brighter future. Such transitory flashes of colour, of hope, however, were soon to be drowned out by the noises of this great and overwhelming city.

It was a city full of insufferable noise Рpeople, cars, trams, trains and sirens. The hustle and bustle was inspirational and evoking to many, but it meant little to her. 

She craved the familiarity of home, however mundane.

And so she leapt over hefty expectations, and voyaged back across the sea.



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